Thelia zh'Rhythris

Andorian Therapist


Thelia Zh’rhythris was born on Andoria, but she was raised on ASC Th’tirrar. Her parents were both scientists aboard the research vessel. Around the age of 10, her father was killed when one of the experiments aboard the vessel escaped containment. The emergency forcefield around the research area kept the virus from entering the rest of the ship, but within hours killed its hosts. Each of the affected scientists had time to talk with their families before they succumbed to the disease, and Thelia still has a recording of her father’s last words.

Thelia spent most of her time reading books or playing with what few children were aboard the ship. She took a liking to a Terran writer, Jules Verne. The almost cheesy Journey to the Center of the Earth was much more fun to read than the history of the various conflicts involving Andoria.

During her Starfleet Academy days, Thelia was pleasantly engaged in her medical and psychology courses. She did spend a semester off to visit and meander through Nantes, Paris, and various other parts of Western Europe of interest to Jules. She spent her first tour after starfleet on a research mission to serve as a counselor to the crew. The research ship headed to an outer colony of humans to investigate a plant that they had encountered. However, while on that mission, there was a crew member that went mad after having an extreme adverse reaction to the plant. He murdered a few colonists and injured a few crew members while under delusions. Thelia was unharmed, but she was part of the team assigned to provide therapy to the colonists and crew members.

Thelia zh'Rhythris

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