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Welcome to Starfleet Academy

Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about jumping into the universe that is Star Trek: the Frontier. 

Dice & Dice Pools

In Star Trek: The Frontier, six-sided dice, called D6, are used to measure success (or failure) when a player tries to do something difficult. Walking down the street doesn't require a roll, but dodging from cover to cover while under fire certainly does!

All dice rolls revolve around either an attribute + attribute roll, or an attribute + skill roll. An example would be a typical dodge roll of Reaction (REA) + Intuition (INT). The player adds the number of dice they have for Reaction and then adds in their dice for Intuition, then rolls those dice. Any time a player rolls a 5 or 6, they count that as a success. To learn more about this system, check out the Dice Rolling page for examples, and the House Rules page for cool things you can do to give yourself an edge… at a cost, of course.


Attributes are the key elements that make up your character. Everything from how tough they are to how intelligent. Your attributes define a lot about you as a person, where you stand out and where you don't.  Not to worry, while some species are stronger or more resilient, you can best them in other ways.  So let's get started.

There are 8 key attributes that define you as a person: Endurance, Agility, Reaction, Logic, Intuition, Charisma, Luck, and Psionics.

Endurance is how tough you are and a measure of your overall physical fitness. The heartier you are, the better able you'll be able to take on tough opponents and weather any situation. 

Agility is how nimble you are, and is useful for precisely and accurately getting around, aiming weapons, and getting out of tough spots.

Reaction is how quickly you can react to a situation. A skilled pilot, both on the ground, in the air, or in space needs to be able to react to an ever changing situation.

Logic is how well you can analyze a situation objectively and solve problems. Vulcans excel at this, but there are times they're bested by us Humans too. 

Intuition is your gut feeling to a situation. Whether it's painting a picture, hiding your face, or talking to someone, the better you can get a gut feeling for a situation, the better.

Charisma is how persuasive you are, and it's a good skill to have when negotiating, leading, or even just lying straight to someone's face. No one said diplomats had to tell the truth all the time.

Luck is how well life treats you just for being you. Luck is a good attribute to have because it can save your bacon when the chips are down and you've got nothing else to work with.

Psionics is still a developing science within the Federation, but the long and short of it is that some people can sense emotions, move things with their mind, and even things we don't fully understand.


Dice Pool Grade (Proficiency)
0 Untrained
1 Unskilled
2 Skilled
3 Qualified
4 Professional
5 Expert
6 Authority

When we talk about Grades, it's how proficient you are at a given skill. Generally, the more dice you have in a skill is how high your grade is in that skill. The higher your dice pool, the more proficient you are with certain tools, systems, technology, or trades.

Regardless of species, all skills start at zero, and only through repeated training can they be advanced. Some characters emerge from the Academy with certain qualifications, often with one skill at a professional level. Everything else requires dedicated work to gain valuable experience they can put towards other skills.



Each character has a list of skills that are unique to each person. Some will share skills and interests, but no two are perfectly alike. It's for this reason that we have different departments, to have enough crew of different and diverse backgrounds to tackle most situations.

The skills listed below are grouped by attribute, and are able to be freely taken. However, it's generally frowned to overspecialize in a field beyond your selected department (such as a medic who knows how to repair a warp core but can't stitch up a patient).  GM Note: This list is not complete and is only preliminary.

Attribute Skill
Endurance Diving, Free-Fall, Running, Survival, Swimming
Agility Archery, Escape Artist, Gunnery, Gymnastics, Heavy Weapons, Herding, Lockpicking, Longarms, Palming, Pistols, Shotguns, Sneaking, Throwing Weapons, Unarmed Combat
Reaction Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Ground Craft,  Pilot Starship, Pilot Watercraft
Logic Academics, Aeronautics Mechanic, Armoror, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computers, Cybernetics, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, First Aid, Forgery, Ground Craft Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Hardware, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic, Software, Starship Mechanic, Transporters
Intuition Artistry, Disguise, Languages, Navigation, Perception, Street Knowledge, Tracking
Charisma Animal Handling, Con, Etiquette, Impersonation, Instruction, Leadership, Negotiation, Performance

Assense, Clairvoyance, Psyonic Combat, Telekinesis
*See the Psionics page for additional info


Character Creation

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