Tife Fraas

Tellarite Paramedic, part time pool shark


Tife enjoys pugilism matches and billiards.

She was born on Tellar to a pugnacious merchant and her equally bellicose spouse. Although neither of her parents were doctors, they both liked the idea of having a doctor in the family, mostly for the purpose of patching people up if or rather when a debate turned violent at the local watering hole. So they encouraged her through the usual methods of negative reinforcement to study well and often. At age 18, she joined starfleet, mostly to get a break from patching up the neighborhood and to further her medical training. Perhaps to figure out the whole diplomacy thing as her hometown specialized in physical confrontation. Thank the cosmic constant that the diplomats from Tellar didn’t come from there.

Tife had a bit of difficulty transitioning into the role of a starfleet cadet, but it worked out. Her roomates included a young science officer studying sociology who understood a good chunk of Tellarite customs and offered culture guidance to San Francisco and the rest of the federation races in general. Granted the Vulcan never added much pathos to an argument, but at least the arguments were valid. And her general animosity towards everything was slightly lightened by her new interest in billiards. And trick shots into boots. And trick shots using the back of someone’s head into said boot.

Tife did well enough in her medical training to secure a tour of duty on a small medical vessel bound, USS Whittle, for various planetary medical problems. Only occasionally did Tife find an alternative use for her cue stick.

Tife Fraas

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