Lydia Elliot "El" Wentworth

Human Botanist


El was born and raised in San Francisco. She was adopted by T’Plais and Jean Wentworth. They taught piano and voice at the local school. Jean’s sister, Veronique, gave birth to El about 6 months before she was due for her next starfleet tour. While on tour, she went on an away mission where she died in a firefight with some Klingons. Not many details were given to Jean other than that. Veronique didn’t mention who the father was. El spent most of her childhood exploring around the school campus and anywhere else she could get on foot. She did have a rather unusual hobby of grabbing plant clippings and trying to regrow them at home. She was mildly successful, although there were a few lectures on the differences between weeds and wanted plants.

El’s time at starfleet academy was marked by her abilities in survival classes. Anytime the class was dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only their gear to help them, she quickly got her bearings and pointed out the edible plant species to any cadet that looked hopelessly lost. She also managed to occasionally find marijuana plants in these drop off areas. It was only fitting that the seeds come back with her.

El’s skills in botany were rather useless in her first tour as a paper pusher. However, she did occasionally get to point out to some of the passersby where some of the best spots to observe local flora were.

Lydia Elliot "El" Wentworth

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